Meet Sara

Hi, I’m Sara!

The Photo Valet

More importantly, your photo solution! I’ve been a professional photographer for over 12 years, have two kids and thousands of photos of them on my phone, collections of print photos and albums from my generation and many before me. I get it. It’s overwhelming. And I can help.

The Photo Valet

Eliminate the Overwhelm

The chaos of digital and physical photos from so many times and so many people… all in so many places. It’s overwhelming. The boxes, jump drives, phones, and online albums are full of happy memories yet somehow feel like such a burden. It’s hard to know where, or even how, to start. Shoot me an email and let’s start the conversation. Tell me about your photo collection and I’ll talk you through some options you can do and pricing for things I can do for you. I promise you, it’s manageable and we can get it done easier than you think.

I absolutely LOVE doing this and can’t wait to help you get your photo chaos sorted too.